Converse, Burt's Bees & Mondēlez Case Study Bundle

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Burt’s Bees Discovered Plastic-free Lip Balm Packaging

Burt’s Bees wanted to explore sustainable alternatives to their plastic lip balm tubes while looking into recycling solutions for their existing plastic packaging. What they learned has shaped their packaging strategy for the betterment of their production and the planet.

Converse Put 15 Prototypes On The Fast Track.

Converse, as well as design agency Propelland, brought a creative brief to Ubuntoo with the hope of achieving a sustainable, circular Chuck Taylor. In their private collaboration space, the team was able to fast-track 15 prototypes that will be commercially explored in the future.

Mondelez learned to turn MLPs into MVPs study.

The Chicago based company wanted to find a commercially viable recycling solution for the MLP waste of their products. In partnering with Ubuntoo, the team identified several innovations and landed on some revolutionary organizations that will help Mondelez achieve economic viability for their company and their local community.
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